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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I adopt a puppy from Moondrop Gardens?

Please fill out a an inquiry found on the CONTACT tab or send an email to We want to know as much as we can about you so we can match you with the perfect puppy if we have one available. WE DO NOTE SELL TO PET BROKERS, PET STORES, PUPPY MILLS or anyone who is not serious about the responsibility of owning a pet dog for the next 15 years. We will then contact you via telephone to chat. Please don't be offended if I ask you lots of questions or ask for referrals. It is part of the process to know what type of puppy you are looking for and if one of ours would fit into your family.  Once we decide which puppy is right for you we will  require a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy until it is 8-12 weeks old.


Why do you breed?

We breed for our next show prospect and as not all puppies can be show prospects we sometimes have puppies available a couple of times a year.  We breed for the love and betterment of our breed, for health, for temperament and "adorableness". All our dogs are fine cocker spaniels, are champions with old pedigrees and are wonderful family companions.  Our dogs are our family, our companions; part of our lives. If you are interested in a cocker spaniel to expand your family- we would love for you to cherish one of ours. Please support breeders that personally take care of your puppy;  and educate yourself on how some puppies are the product of puppy mills. If it does not matter what breed of dog you want and are looking for a lifelong companion- or/and are on a limited budget- please consider adopting a animal from a rescue shelter. Most places are happy to receive a donation and spay and neuter your pet for free.


How can you breed if there are so many dogs in shelters?

People who don't know, lump all breeders into the same category. Serious breeeders are not about just making more puppies. It is an avocation where pedigrees and traits are studied, decisions on breedings are made based on study of lines, health clearances and the AKC Standard for the breed, sacrifices in vet bills and sleep are made to ensure new little lives thrive. Only when we are satisfied that there is a safe, loving home do we relinquish a puppy. And then the new owner must sign an agreement- a promise to the care it will receive,  a promise to SPAY or NEUTER at the proper age, a PROMISE to return the puppy/dog to us if circumstances change and the new owners cannot keep or care for the puppy/dog. Purebred dogs represent history, an unbroken line extending into the past and future, and for years we serious breeders are the custodians of our breed, we intend and hope to leave it better than we found it. We do this because people want to choose the breed they want to own- to predict size, temperament and appearance to suit their lifestyle. That's what we are about.


What kinds of health tests do you perform?

Every year each of our dogs are CERF eye tested and certified by a veterinary optimologist.  This test checks inherited eye issues. At the age of 2 their hips are tested and certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  This eval looks for hip dysplasia.  We also have patellas certified with the OFA. This evaluation checks for "slips" or luxating patellas that can be a problem in our breed. We also do DNA genetic testing for PRA, a blinding eye disease. All of our puppies will never have this because we will always know what the status of their parents is. 

Puppies are health checked by our veterinarian before going home.


When can my puppy come home with me?

Puppies are able to leave their parents and litter mates when they are approximately 8-12 weeks of age depending on size and maturity.


Are your puppies show quality?

All of our puppies come from carefully thought out breedings. We breed to produce a healthy puppy as close to the standard as possible with a merry temperament . With that being said- a lot of our puppies are show quality- but we feel most comfortable (and are very proud) of having our puppies in homes as pets if we can not keep them ourselves. We prefer our puppies to be placed in loving forever homes where they can live their life as a dog and spend their days with a family to spoil them.  Not every show quality puppy is meant to be or wants to be a show dog.


How much are your puppies and what does that include?

Price varies, please call us to discuss. You will receive a healthy, adorable, well socialized and spoiled puppy that is up to date on all vaccinations, dewormed, tail docked, dew claws removed and groomed for the first few times. It will be health checked with our veterinarian and and comes with a written health certificate and guarantee for 4 year against life threatening congenital defects. It will come with limited AKC registration papers, pedigree, folder with parents health testing information and our special customized cocker puppy pack. I promise you will not get that from a pet store.


What treats are good for my puppy?

Treats are tricky. You do not want to overload your puppy on treats as soon as they get home- they will more than likely get diarrhea. I would give them little pieces of their kibble to start off with or boiled chicken and then graduate to something that is not so harsh on their belly. Peanut butter and cheese treats are better for older puppies. Try to stick with chicken or something they are used to. RAWHIDE IS A NO-NO. Try to stick with really hard bones that can not break off into little pieces like smoked knuckle bones.  NO COOKED BONES. Chicken jerky treats are good- but for older puppies as well as bully sticks (you need to supervise with any and all treats!!!) DO NOT GET CHICKEN JERKY TREATS MADE FROM CHINA.


I have a really cute cocker spaniel that has a great disposition. She is not health tested nor does she hold any titles in conformation or performance,  I would love to have puppies with her. Can I breed her to your dog?



Do you ship your puppies?

At this time we do not ship our puppies.

Do You recommend Heath Insurance?

I recommend a company called Embrace Insurance as they cover genetic issues such as cherry eye that are breed specific unlike some companies. 



Email us with any questions:)

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