Ch. Delia is looking for her retirement home. She is 5 years old and probably the prettiest cocker spaniel I have ever bred. She knows it too! She would fit in best with a woman that will adopt to her quirky ways. LOL She would not like to share her love with other dogs or little children. She loves to sit on your head and be your shadow. A low key home with a private backyard and  not a lot of bustle would be perfect for her.  Should would not fit in an apartment. She does NOT want to go everywhere with you camping and to the store as she is more of a homebody. She doesn't want to have doggie play dates or go to doggie day care. She just wants to sit by your side where you can exchange some love. She loves to eat and get rubs- and loves to play fetch and NEVER bring anything back- just parade around with whatever she has knowing she is NOT going to give it to you. She is a funny little cocker who is very obedient and house trained but not so very social and I know she will live her best life with someone who has a good understanding of her personality. Contact me for more info.