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About Us

My name is Jennifer and I am  a freelance graphic designer  whose passionate hobby includes showing and being loved by American Cocker Spaniels; primarily the parti colored variety.


Before we lived in the country, Jim (the greatest hubby ever) and I lived in New York City in a small 2 bedroom apartment. It was very nice- but we certainly did  not have room for a dog. We barely had enough room for 2 cats and ourselves and when our daughter came along  we were overloaded with babystuff! So we packed up and moved to the country where we built our new home on 12 acres of a spacious Hudson Valley mountain (approximately 1 hour from NYC).


Not only were we ecstatic about living in our new home and all the nature that surrounded us- but we were anxious to begin our search for our well bred cocker spaniel puppy that I had been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl.   It wasn't too long before little  Demspey from Grumblerock Farms stole my heart .  Thank you to Uncle Petey for making this dream happen for Rose and for ME! It was with that one dog, I acquired an affection for this breed and knew cocker spaniels were something special.  As a puppy Dempsey was quick to learn, adorable, loved to play, was a great watch dog and everything else I could have ever wished for in a canine companion.


As time went on I knew I could not have just one.  I started researching and our family slowly started to grow.  I bred my first litter and was blessed with 9 puppies.  One thing my research uncovered was that our breed was plagued with many health issues and bad temperments.  I promised myself and the breed that I would do my best to soley breed  "happy, healthy, adorable cocker spaniels".  Each of our breeding dogs is CERF examined annually by a veterinary ophthalmologist.  Cataracts and glaucoma are one of the top genetic health issues that affect cocker spaniels. We get OFA radiographs to check for hip dysplasia and register them with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Patellas are also registered with OFA as luxating patellas can  be a problem. I was priviledged enough with the help of long time breeders and mentors that entrusted me with their lines, to obtain my first show dog. Shortly after I bred first homebred champion.


Some things you should know about us.  First and foremost - our dogs are part of our family and are kept in our home. We take great pride in the fact that we all have so much space to romp, play and explore. If we decide to breed a dog I promise it is a healthy dog.  They are fed a blend of high premium holistic foods such as Fromm Family and Merrick Foods which I belive makes a difference. My dogs do not have skin or ear issues.  They all start off being crate trained which has worked very well  for us.  We  are very involved in the whelping, training, socialization and care of each and every one of our dogs and their puppies.  You won't find that many breeders sleeping on the floor by the whelping box for days after puppies are born. I take alot of pride in what I do. I give it my all and there are  many sacrafices for my family even if there are just a few litters. If we decide to keep a puppy because it has nice conformation, movement and a wonderful temperment then when they mature, they will achieve their AKC championship title which indicates their body and type conforms with the AKC breed standard.  Our dogs are handled with the help of mentor, best friend, and professional handler Kathy Korab


After they are 2 years old they are health tested. When they are around 3 years old we research pedigrees and health for a well planned litter  that will hopefully bless us with our next show prospect. We do not breed to just make puppies.  Puppies that do not stay with us are placed in responsible, loving  companion homes that we feel will make a good fit. Its important to know that our puppies are always welcome to come back home to us should family circumstances change.


We usually have a waiting list since we do such limited breedings per year; so if you are looking for an adorable,  well tempered AKC American cocker spaniel from champion, health tested parents and pedigrees, bred to ASC standards from a reputable breeder, - you should contact us at your earliest convenience.  It does not matter if you are not looking for a show pup- if you have researched our breed and have decided that this is the breed for you then you should get your puppy from a breeder who is serious about preserving the quailites, temperment and look of what a cocker spaniel truly is and what it was origianlly bred for. I promise you will not find that in a pet store.


Please do not feel offended if we ask you questions about your living arrangement, vet, groomer or intentions for your new puppy. It is our way of screening the best available home for our puppies. Families of our puppies become part of the Moondrop Gardens Family. We have a private facebook group where we keep in touch and share pictures, ask for advice and just share- and we occassionally have a hot dog fest where everyone is invited back for a picnic with their dog.


I promise I will not show up at your house unannounced for tea- and to check on your puppy-  but I will keep in touch with you and answer any and all question you may have about your puppy for as long as you need me to.  If you have any questions about our program prior, during or after receiving a puppy we would be happy to help you.


Please contact us at any point with questions or just plain doggie talk.



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